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Receive a natural stone countertop quote from Alachua Granite today. To get started on a quick quote, we’ll need to know the square foot measurements of the countertop space in your kitchen, bath or other special place. To ensure we get the most accurate picture of your custom countertops, use our Estimate Sheet Sample along with the Estimate Sheet, the following steps will help you properly measure and submit a rough architectural drawing of your countertop project.
1. Take a tape measure and measure from the wall to the edge of the counter. Remember to include overhang.
2. Measure the length of your countertops, adding together the different sections.
3. Multiply the length by the depth and you will have your square foot measurement.
In addition, include the following when you contact us:
4. Indicate wall locations and which walls will have a stone backsplash.
5. Label and indicate sink placement, as well as the location of a range or cooktop.
6. Label any islands or other areas where you want to install a natural stone countertop.
Contact Alachua Granite if you have any questions or need assistance with getting your square footage or drawing. This will only be used as a quick start guide to get us started on an estimate today. For an exact quote, contact Alachua Granite at (352) 359-4965. Countertops vary greatly depending on style, surface, edge and custom requirements.
Your rough drawing will help us develop a job estimate based on the type and color of stone you eventually choose. All measurements will be verified on the job site by Alachua Granite to ensure that the project is produced to exact specifications.
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