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About Your Granite

What is Granite?

Granite is a natural stone that is formed over millions of years by volcanic activity. During the process, many different minerals such as quartz, hornblende, feldspar and mica combine together to give each piece of granite a unique set of characteristics. Over time the granite is compressed deep within the earth and then becomes exposed near the earth’s surface where it can be harvested in a quarry.

Where does Granite come from?

Granite is found all over the world, but much of the commercially available granite is from Brazil, China, India, Spain, Africa, and Italy. In the quarry, granite is blasted into large chunks and then sliced and polished into granite slabs about 8 to 10 feet long.

How does granite get to a store near me?

The granite slabs are transported in large containers and shipped to wholesalers and retailers all over the world. The granite shops place the slabs onto racks where people can view and select them.

How do you create a granite countertop?

After selection, granite professionals take precise measurements and create a template of the countertop or other area and this template is used to cut the granite to the proper shape and specifications.

What is granite fabrication?

Fabrication refers to the process of cutting and shaping the granite slab to the precise dimensions using either a physical or digital template. After the granite slab is cut to the proper size and shape, the edges are formed according to the edge details selected by the customer. The completed piece is then given a final check and polished so it is ready for installation.

What makes expert fabricators different from the rest?

Expert granite fabricators have many years of experience, a team of well trained professionals, a dedicated fabrication facility, and high quality equipment including the use of the latest digitization technologies for creating precision templates.
An example of the importance of experience is in how the uniqueness of the granite is taken into consideration during the layout and fabrication process. The granite should be cut so that highlights of the granite design are located in the most appealing places. Layouts should minimize the number of seams and place the seams in appropriate places. In addition, the pattern and veins should be considered when creating seams so the pieces blend together as naturally as possible.

What happens during granite installation?

The final polished piece of granite is delivered to the customer’s location and is gently put into place. Seams are leveled and smoothed with colored resin. The colored resin seals the joint and helps the seam blend into the counter top.
Sinks should be available on site and are mounted.
Faucet holes are typically drilled in the shop with the highest quality cutting equipment. If there is a question about the proper fit, drilling may be done on location.
As a final step, sealing is applied to the granite for protection and to give a nice shiny appearance.

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